IMBS Integrations

Billing & Finance

Tally Accounting Integration

Key Highlights

Ledgers - Can Import any Ledgers without doing any manual operation.

Inventory - Can Manage and sync Inventory from Janitor to Tally.

Sales Invoice - Can Import all invoices very easily.

Receipts - Can manage and import Customer Receipts.

GST Compliance - Make your GST compliance/reporting effortless.

One Click Import - Can import sales invoices without caring about dependecies like sundry debtors, sales accounts etc.

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Payment Gateways

Key Highlights

Diverse Options - Access a wide range of popular online payment gateways.

Seamless Transactions - Facilitate easy and secure online payments.

Enhanced Convenience - Offer subscribers hassle-free payment options.

Global Reach - Support transactions for subscribers worldwide.

Efficient Management - Streamline payment processing for both administrators and subscribers.

Billing & Finance

eKYC with AADHAAR (For India)

Key Highlights

Efficient Verification - Verify subscriber identities quickly and securely through Aadhaar integration.

Compliance - Ensure compliance with Indian regulatory requirements.

Paperless Process - Eliminate paperwork for a more eco-friendly and efficient verification process.

Seamless Integration - Easily integrate eKYC into the subscriber onboarding process.

Enhanced Security - Enhance security and accuracy in subscriber data verification.

Auto CAF Generation - System will generate CAF automatically with the help of eKYC data.

Subscriber management


Key Highlights

Wide Compatibility - Support for numerous NAS/BNG/BRAS devices, including popular options.

Quick Integration - Integrate new NAS device in as little as one week if It’s in the market, reducing operational disruption.

Flexible Connectivity - Streamline communication between your RADIUS server and network access devices.

Enhanced Efficiency - Ensure uninterrupted service and efficient management of your network infrastructure.

Advanced Ticketing


Key Highlights

Hassle-free integrations.

Easily bundle with plans.

Multiple billing option.

Lead Management

Bharat Bill Pay: Simplified UPI Bill Payments

Key Highlights

UPI Integration - Enable bill payments directly through UPI, leveraging popular apps like GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, and Amazon Pay etc.

Seamless Transactions - Offer subscribers a hassle-free payment experience with their preferred UPI app.

Versatile Compatibility - Work with all major UPI apps, ensuring widespread accessibility.

Effortless Payments - Simplify the bill payment process, enhancing subscriber convenience.

Secure and Efficient - Ensure secure and efficient transactions via UPI for enhanced payment flexibility.

Network MAP

Notification & Alerts

Key Highlights

Multi-Channel Integration - Seamlessly connect through SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Push Notifications.

Real-Time Updates - Keep subscribers informed instantly about events, payments, and network updates.

Enhanced Engagement - Improve subscriber engagement with personalized and timely alerts.

Efficient Communication - Automate notifications for billing, maintenance, and support, streamlining operations.

Customizable - Tailor notifications to match individual subscriber preferences, enhancing the user experience.

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