IMBS Features

Franchisee Management

The Franchisee Management feature is designed to simplify the complex task of managing multiple franchise locations for ISPs. It empowers you to maintain consistency, enhance efficiency, and drive growth across your expanding network while providing valuable tools to ensure the success of each franchisee.

Key Highlights

Centralized Control - Manage all franchise locations from one dashboard.

Share Package - Can share packages with particular prices to particular franchises.

Automated Billing - Ensure accurate, automated billing across franchises.

Multiple Revenue Model - Can be Reseller, Non-Reseller or Partner.

Dynamic Taxation - Can manage any types of taxes and extra charges.

Real-time Monitoring - Stay informed with instant network and revenue updates.

Custom Reports - Generate tailored performance reports.

Performance Scorecard - Evaluate franchisee performance for improvement.

Franchise Mobile App - Can easily monitor and manage franchises from mobile.

Billing & Finance

Our "Billing & Finance" module revolutionizes financial management for Internet Service Providers.

Key Highlights

Automated Efficiency - Auto-suspension for overdue accounts and automatic service resumption upon payment.

Partial Payments - Flexibility for subscribers with partial payment options.

Finance Dashboard - An attractive, data-rich dashboard for easy financial tracking and analysis.

Virtual Bank - A Secure Digital Copy of Your Real Bank for Transaction History and Management.

Payment Diversity - Support for multiple payment gateways and collection methods, enhancing subscriber convenience and revenue channels.

Comprehensive Financial Management - A full suite of tools and features for efficient, data-driven financial management, ensuring financial health for your ISP business.

Subscriber management

Janitor IMBS introduces a robust "Subscriber Management" feature tailored for Internet Service Providers. It is a dynamic, real-time solution designed to streamline operations and enhance subscriber satisfaction.

Key Highlights

Live Monitoring - Gain real-time insights into subscriber activities, allowing instant response to network issues and service demands.

e-KYC and Manual KYC - can do e-KYC with AADHAAR (For India) and Manual KYC

Notifications - Can send notification on every event like on registration, recharge, overdue, receive payment etc.

Proactive Issue Resolution - Detects and addresses connectivity problems before subscribers even notice, ensuring uninterrupted service.

History Usage - Can check history usage with help of MRTG Graph of particular subscriber.

Billing Types - Can do Prepaid as well as postpaid recurring billing to subscribers.

Action with Remarks - Can set remarks in every action for future audits.

Advanced Ticketing

"Advanced Ticket/Complaint Management" feature is designed to revolutionize customer support for Internet Service Providers.Ensuring efficient and organized ticket handling.

Key Highlights

Engineer-Centric Dashboards - Every engineer has their dedicated dashboard for streamlined ticket access and management, enhancing efficiency.

Issue Tagging - Can tag the issue/complaint so if the same complaint arrived again it will suggest the previous ticket resolution.

Real-time Updates - Keep customers in the loop with real-time status updates on their complaints or requests, improving transparency.

Close Ticket with Verification - System will send the OTP to the customer for getting verification on issue resolve and for satisfaction of service.

Ticket Notifications - System will send notification to the subscriber as well as assigned engineer on every event of the ticket.

Historical Data - Access historical complaint data to identify recurring issues and implement proactive solutions.

Efficient Resolution - Empower your team with the tools they need to resolve complaints swiftly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Reporting - Generate detailed reports to track ticket resolution times, customer feedback, and support team performance.

Lead Management

"Lead Management" feature is designed explicitly for Internet Service Providers. This comprehensive tool takes lead handling to the next level by offering distinct phases, from feasibility checks to account activation. With integrated task scheduling at every step, it ensures that no lead slips through the cracks, providing a structured path to victory.

Key Highlights

Phased Approach - Break down lead management into logical phases, including feasibility assessment, quotation generation, cabling, account creation, KYC processing, and final activation.

Task Scheduling: - Effortlessly schedule tasks and create tickets at each phase to ensure that the lead progresses smoothly and efficiently

Feasibility Checks - Assess the practicality of providing services to a potential customer location, saving time and resources.

Quotation Generation - Create accurate quotes tailored to each lead's specific requirements, improving transparency and conversion rates.

Cabling and Connectivity - Streamline the process of physical connection setup, reducing installation times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

KYC Compliance - Automate KYC processes to meet regulatory requirements, simplifying account creation and validation.

Activation Tracking - Monitor lead progress and activate accounts promptly, ensuring a seamless customer onboarding experience.

Neat and Clean Dashboard - Quick dashboard to see the lead conversion ratio and sales funnel.

Network MAP

A powerful "Network Map" feature,Tailored for Internet Service Providers. This tool offers a dynamic view of your network.

Key Highlights

Subscriber Location - Visualize the exact locations of all subscribers on Google Maps using latitude and longitude coordinates, providing a comprehensive overview of your network.

Locate Subscriber - Can Locate any subscriber by the phone or any device or custom area search or point directly on the area in google map.

Performance Insight - Easily identify areas with network issues, whether they are experiencing downtime or bandwidth bottlenecks, enabling rapid response and optimization.

Zone and Node Management - Organize your network effectively by managing areas, zones, and nodes directly on the map, streamlining network administration and maintenance.

Hotspot management


A Versatile "Hotspot" feature tailored for Internet Service Providers, simplifying access and enhancing connectivity.

Key Highlights

Pre-Generated Vouchers - Generate and distribute vouchers in advance, enabling easy access to your network for subscribers and guests.

Self-Registration - Subscribers can register themselves, reducing administrative overhead and providing a seamless onboarding experience.

Self-Recharge - Empower users to recharge their data plans independently, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

OTP Authentication - Simplify access with unattended authentication through one-time passwords, enhancing security and user convenience.

Seamless Roaming - Enable subscribers to roam seamlessly between hotspot areas, ensuring continuous connectivity and a unified user experience.

Notifications & Alerts

Notifications & Alerts

"Notifications & Alerts" feature tailored for Internet Service Providers. With an extensive array of communication channels through a pre-developed mobile app for both subscribers and administrators, this feature serves as a communication powerhouse. It also provides comprehensive event notifications covering every aspect, from recharges, overdue reminders, and subscription expirations to ticket updates, subscriber creations, renewals, and payment receipts, creating an immersive and proactive experience for all stakeholders.

Key Highlights

Multi-Channel Communication - Reach out through SMS, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, and push notifications, catering to diverse communication preferences.

Event-Driven Notifications - Stay informed with real-time notifications for every pivotal event, ensuring subscribers and administrators are always in the loop.

Effortless Administration - Simplify subscriber management with automated notifications for subscriber creation, renewals, and payment receipts.



"Announcement" feature, granting you precision and flexibility in your communication.This feature empowers you to convey messages tailored to your audience's needs. Whether it's important network maintenance updates or enticing promotional messages.

Key Highlights

Targeted Messaging - Send announcements to specific zones, nodes, groups, areas, or selected subscribers, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

Network Maintenance - Keep subscribers informed about network maintenance schedules, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

Promotional Messaging - Run targeted promotional campaigns to boost subscriber engagement and revenue generation.

Multi-Channel Communication - Utilize a variety of communication channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, email, Telegram, and push notifications for maximum reach and engagement.

Package/Plan Management

Package/Plan Management

"Package/Plan Management" feature that simplifies bandwidth plan creation with a wide range of flexible FUP (Fair Usage Policy) rules.

Key Highlights

Effortless Plan Creation - Easily craft bandwidth plans with diverse FUP rules, allowing fine-tuning of subscriber offerings

Customized PIN Pricing - Share packages with distinct PIN prices to different sites or franchisees, enhancing pricing flexibility

Advanced Radius Attributes - Set custom radius attributes on plans to match the specific needs of your NAS (Network Access Server) device

Customized FUP Rules - You can add custom side FUP rules for Daily/weekly/monthly consumption and also for time of day (use for day/night plan) or day of week.

Plan Types:

1. Regular Plans - Standard expiration-based plans with customizable FUP policies/rules.

2. Top-Up Plans - Ideal for adding data top-ups when subscriber data limits are exceeded.

3. Booster Plans - Offer temporary bandwidth boosters with separate billing for subscriber flexibility.

Subscriber Portal/Mobile APP

"Subscriber Portal/Mobile App," a powerful self-service tool that puts subscribers in charge of their accounts.Accessible via both web and mobile app, it provides seamless account management at their fingertips.

Key Highlights

Self-Service Empowerment - Subscribers can independently recharge, pay bills, and manage their accounts, reducing reliance on customer support.

Usage Monitoring - Keep tabs on current and historical bandwidth usage for a transparent internet experience.

Billing and Ledger - Access billing details and ledger for a comprehensive overview of account transactions.

KYC/eKYC - Easily complete KYC/eKYC processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ticket Management - Raise support tickets and track issue resolution effortlessly, enhancing customer support interactions.

Event Notifications - Stay informed with push notifications for every account event, from recharge confirmations to overdue reminders.

Multiple Payment Gateways/Methods

Multiple Payment Gateways/Methods

"Multiple Payment Gateways" feature, simplifying customer onboarding and payment collection for ISPs.

Key Highlights

Global Reach - Access a diverse range of popular payment gateways, making it easier to onboard subscribers worldwide.

Direct UPI Integration - For users in India, enjoy the benefits of UPI integration via NPCI's BBPS, streamlining transactions and enhancing payment efficiency.

Faster Onboarding - Simplify the subscriber onboarding process with quick and secure payment options, improving the customer experience.

Real-Time/History Usage Graph

"Real-Time/History Usage Graph" it provides historical usage data similar to MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) with RRD (Round Robin Database), allowing for comprehensive long-term trend analysis and network optimization.

Key Highlights

Real-Time Insights - Access live bandwidth usage graphs in real-time, enhancing network monitoring and subscriber control.

Subscriber Empowerment - Subscribers can track their own usage, making informed decisions about their data consumption.

Historical Analysis -Utilize historical usage data similar to MRTG with RRD database for in-depth trend analysis and network performance optimization.

Multiple Auth Methods

Multiple Auth Methods

"Multiple Auth Methods" feature, providing versatile options for subscriber authentication. Whether it's PPP, Hotspot, MAC (Media Access Control), Lease, EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol), or more, we cater to a variety of authentication needs, ensuring flexibility and security in managing your subscriber base.

Key Highlights

Versatile Authentication - Support for a range of authentication methods, allowing ISPs to choose the one that best suits their network and security requirements.

Enhanced Security - Implement authentication methods that align with your network's security standards and policies, safeguarding subscriber access.

CTS/NAT Logs Management

"CTS/NAT Logs Management" feature,providing comprehensive oversight of your network. This tool allows you to check NAS (Network Access Server) log status and performs automated audits of CTS (Connection Tracking System) and NAT (Network Address Translation) logs twice daily.

Key Highlights

Automated Audits - Perform routine checks of CTS/NAT logs to ensure uninterrupted network monitoring and security.

Emergency Alerts - Receive immediate notifications if logs are not being saved as expected, allowing for swift corrective action.

Custom Log Requests - Access logs for specific time-frames, containing essential data like IPs and subscriber usernames, for in-depth network analysis.

Dynamic Reports

Dynamic Reports

"Dynamic Reports" feature, offering a detailed reports for administrators, franchisees, and subscribers.

Key Highlights

Customizable Reports - Access a wide range of dynamic reports tailored to the specific needs of administrators, franchisees, and subscribers.

Real-Time Insights - Stay updated with real-time data, facilitating informed decision-making for enhanced efficiency.

Multiple Export Formats - Download reports in Excel for further analysis or print them directly, whether in PDF or hard copy, to share and archive vital information.

Deep Audit Logs

"Deep Audit Logs" feature, offering comprehensive records of every event. Administrators gain instant insight into key events via a concise summary, facilitating quick oversight.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive Event Records - Capture detailed information on every event, including changes to attributes, promoting transparency and accountability.

Top Event Summaries - Easily identify critical events with a top event summary for quick oversight.

User-Friendly Auditing - Audit any event effortlessly with any login account, ensuring efficient monitoring and reporting.


Supports All types of NAS

"Support All Types of NAS" feature, offering seamless compatibility with a multitude of popular NAS (Network Access Server) devices worldwide, including Mikrotik, Accel-PPP, NetElastic, Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel, MPD, and more.

Key Highlights

Versatile Compatibility- Our system seamlessly supports a wide range of NAS devices, accommodating the diverse needs of ISPs worldwide.

Rapid Integration - With our quick integration process, even new NAS devices can be seamlessly incorporated within a week, reducing disruption to operations.

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